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Invest in stocks, ETFs and bonds. Participate in IPOs and multiply your savings with information you can trust.

Participate in IPO

Invest in initial public offering (IPO) of American and European companies.
Average return on investment – 
53% for 93 days.

Total placements


Average profit for 3 months

1,000,000 Instruments

Trade in stocks, ETFS, bonds, futures and options on major American, European and Asian exchanges, on the best terms in Europe.

147,000 bonds for fixed income

Invest in trusted government, municipal and corporate bonds in developed and emerging markets. Earn predictable returns and balance your portfolio.

How does it work?

1. Submitting a request

Please note that White Swan Research does not provide any investment advice. Stocks are placed by the respective issuer, which is responsible for the accuracy of information provided. We publish news about the newly listed companies based on publicly available information. As an investor, you make your own investment decisions based on your own research.

2. Purchase those stocks

Your account will be credited with any stocks purchased on your behalf on the first trading day by your desired Brokerage House. Please note that you only pay for the stocks actually purchased. The remaining funds will be immediately transferred to your account.

3. Start of trading

Enter and exit the market as you desire, Subject to Terms & conditions of selected Brokerage Houses. If the stocks you bought are subject to lock up, you can sell them upon expiry of the Lock up period. 

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